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My Top 10 Most Viewed Videos Last Week (2/24/20 – 3/1/20)

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Below is a list of my Top 10 most viewed videos for the week of 2/24/20 – 3/1/20.  If you have not seen them all, now is a great time to binge watch!

I’m happy to see that my old Crumb Quilting Adventure series has 2 videos in the Top 10 this week.  Episode 1 is in the Top 3!  Youtube must be showing it some love by putting it in front of more people’s eyes. Do love!

Yup! Youtube is helping me out with the Crumb Quilt series!  You can see the stats below.

My Top 10 Most Viewed Videos last week!

  1. See What I Made With These Fabric Scraps – Episode 1
  2. How I Turn Narrow Fabric Scraps Into New Fabric
  3. Crumb Quilting Adventure – How to Start Piecing the Blocks | Ep. 1
  4. How to Quilt As You Go (QAYG) with Sashing and Self Binding – Sewing Tutorial
  5. Cheesy Mice Rag Quilt Tutorial – Episode 2
  6. Easy Crocheted Tote Bag – How to Crochet Tutorial for Beginners
  7. See What I Made With These Fabric Scraps
  8. Crumb Quilting Adventure – Making My First 6×6 Crumb Quilt Block | Ep. 2
  9. Cheesy Mice Rag Quilt Tutorial – Episode 1
  10. Mini Unboxing Fabric Panels plus My To Do List

This is a screen shot of the past 28 days for the Crumb Quilt Episode 1.  You can see there is a big spike in views over the past few days (click images to enlarge).  You can also see that the video earned $87.14 for the past 28 days. That’s good for an old video!

Below is the screen shot for the past 90 days which shows an even more impressive view of the spike.

And it’s obvious that Youtube is putting it out there as a suggested video.  I’m usually almost even with about 45% for Suggested Videos and also for Browse Feature.  But for the past 28 days, I’m at 83% for suggested videos. That’s incredibly high for me!  It’s also going down now, but hey, that’s okay. I love a good spike!

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