PRE-ORDER – Animal Alphabet Fabric Panel (2066)

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I’m taking orders NOW for this fabric panel. It might be 2 to 3 weeks before you receive this fabric.  If my supplier runs out of stock, I will refund your order.

NOTE: This is from my slow poke supplier so it can be at least 3 weeks before this panel is delivered to your door.

I do not have this panel on hand but the supplier says it’s a 23″ x 44″ panel.

This one would be hard to deconstruct but it would make an awesome quilt center or a playmat.  Might also work as a pillow case for a body pillow by adding additional fabric.

Someone like me might still cut that into blocks even if they are partials… just sayin’. lol

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

PRE-ORDER – Animal Alphabet Fabric Panel (2066)
Exclusive Price: $11.25 + FREE shipping
will be $15.25 for non exclusive shoppers.


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