9.5″ Wonky Strips Quilt Block

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NOTE: the pattern is NOT to scale

Watch this video

This pattern is for a 9.5″ quilt block.  The strips for this quilt block are 10x3x1 which means they are 10″ long with a 3″ base and a 1″ tip. Use a 1/4 inch seam when joining. Trim the finished block to 9.5″ square.

This pattern is just to show you how to set up your strips to create the quilt block you see in my video.  I know you don’t need a pattern, but I wanted to post it as practice because there will be more quilt blocks on the way.

The pattern is NOT to scale. If you print it, do not use that pattern as a template to cut.  You need to cut your wonky strips according to the measurements shown on the actual pattern.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to create these patterns!