Diappearing 9 Patch Quilt

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You need (108) 5″ squares total.  Those 5″ squares will make (12) 9-patch blocks.

You can get (8) 5″ squares from one 5″ strip.  Simply cut a 5″ strip the full width of the fabric and leave it folded.  Place that folded strip on your mat and cut off the selvages then cut every 5″ after that.  You will have 8 squares.

For my quilt, I cut 12 squares from each of my white prints and 12 of my solid black for the center.  Then I cut 24 of each of my black prints.  You will see how I set up my 9 patch in the video.

Just remember that the center square gets cut into 4 small squares.  You can use a loud accent fabric for the center if you want.  It will really look cool!

I trimmed my finished blocks to 12.5 inches.  The finished size of the quilt is about 36″ x 48″.

You can make this scrappy or you can have a color plan. It’s all up to you.

After you put your 9 patches together, cut the block in half in both directions (see block #2 in the images).

Here is how you turn the blocks (see block #2). Note that we are working clockwise.

A:  do not turn that block

B:  turn that block once to the right (90 degrees)

C:  turn that block twice to the right

D:  turn that block once to the left

Your blocks should now look like image #3.  Check the position of your small squares to make sure you turned them corectly.

Sew the new blocks together.  Then sew all 12 of those blocks together, 3 wide by 4 tall. You are done!  Add a border as desired.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to create these patterns!