All Bricks Quilt

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Please watch this video for the instructions.

You need (8) 4″x8″ Bricks to make 1 block.

Sew 2 bricks together for the center then trim that to 7.5″ tall.

Add the top and bottom pieces and trim as shown in the video.

Add the side pieces and trim as shown in the video.

Trim the final block to 14″ square.

You can assemble the blocks any way you want. In my video, and in the images in the slideshow at the very end of the video, I alternated the blocks so the center pieces were vertical, then horizontal (and I rotated in the same direction each time). But it does not have to be that way. Try different layouts. There are many options!

If you make a quilt 4 blocks across by 5 blocks down, you will need 120 bricks to make the 20 blocks.  The finished size will be about 54″ by 68″ after the seam allowances.

You can make this planned or scrappy. It’s totally up to you.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to create these patterns!