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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: Reduced dairy looked good tonight – See pics!

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If you are going by Shaw’s Wednesday morning, you might want to run in and grab something out of the reduced dairy section!  They had lots of goodies as of 8:00pm Tuesday night!

You can see what I picked up for FREE here!

I did not have my pen to take notes so I’m going by memory… and remember, you can use coupons on reduced items, so check your stash!

1/2 gal Oakhurst milk: $1.76
Activia yogurt: 30¢
1/2 gal Rice Dream lactose free milk: 75¢
Trop50 juice: $1.00
All the other juice: $1.00
Quart chocolate milk: 60¢ (I think)
Quart (heavy?) cream: 75¢ (I think)
Quart Hood half & half: 50¢
Pint Oakhurst whipping cream: 65¢ (I think)
Pillsbury Sweet Moments: $1 each (they were way in back)


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