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Saturday Chat – Crying Videos, Playlists, Pesky Sunshine

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It’s Saturday!  And the sun is shining in Sanford. That makes me happy for those pesky fun-loving folks. lol  You know I prefer clouds.  Friday was gray and misty all day and I loved that!

I had quite an emotional day yesterday and that resulted in another crying video, this time in Hannaford’s parking lot. But the tears did me good. I’m feeling much better about things today, at least for the moment. It will be up and down for a bit and that’s what I expect. Just felt good to get a few things off my chest. And the comments I got on that video were very uplifting!!!

I am learning so much about youtube now that it’s my full time job. I’m learning such useful tips like how to use their tools to help promote my videos. How to increase watch time to increase earnings. I even beefed up my youtube homepage a bit. I didn’t know we could customize that page!  I now have various playlists where you can watch your favorite type of videos. I’ll be creating more playlist, just takes a bit of time. Right now I have one for Tag Along with Me videos, Videos with Skylar, and even one named Watch Darlene Cry! lol  You can see other playlists here, with more to come soon.

That’s it for right now!  Stay tuned!




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