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Happy Saturday!

We were in bed by 10:30pm last night.  Took a while for me to sleep, but it felt good to just be horizontal.

We were so busy yesterday!  Along with all our other stuff we normally do (crafts, sewing, cards, games) we also got the future fabric orders ready for ebay.  Skylar removed all the tags and staples, I did all the cutting, we both folded and Skylar made all the stacks.  Then she got the idea to iron the fat quarters and one by one, she took all 128 fat quarters and pressed then after they were folded just to make them look neater, she said.  This is not a step I will be continuing with after she is gone. lol

I hope to have the listing for the fat quarters up later today. Stay tuned!

If you want, you can watch us go to Marden’s for the fabric.  You will see the fabric we selected in the the upcoming video.

I also want to sit with Skylar today and have her sew in cotton.  So far she has only used felt.  The felt was good because it was stiffer so in a way easier to feed under the foot.  But cotton is the fabric dreams are made of!  As soon as she can sew a somewhat straight seam on cotton, we will work on her very first quilt.  I would like her to make the top all on her own, and I can help her with the rest. She wants to make four mini quilts, one for each of their pets.  I’ll be quite satisfied if we can knock out even one! I told her they can share for now. lol

Not sure what else we are doing today.  It’s not hot so it’s a good day to get some stuff done around here, like maybe we can go through old toys and she can help decide if anything can be donated.  I’m hopeful that with her, I’ll be able to clear some stuff out.

Have an awesome Saturday!  Darlene xoxo


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