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Happy Saturday!

I had a rough day yesterday, lots of crying.  I won’t bother to get into it, but it had nothing to do with my mother. lol  Just was very sad for other reasons.  Today I feel much better.

Even though I was down in the dumps yesterday, I forced myself to sweep and wash my kitchen floor. Notice I did not say I mopped it.  I don’t have a mop. So I washed it in my own special way. I hope you check it out! The video is only 2 minutes long and you get to watch me twirl!!! lol

And before I forget, you must, must, MUST head on over to watch CourtneyWithLove make her version of Sandy’s collaboration concoction!  Yogurt Pie!  Courtney does not freeze hers, so here’s your chance to see what that pie looks like when it’s just refrigerated. Warning! It looks addictive!  If you make any of the recipes that Sandy or I post, please let me know and I’ll give your video a shout out!!!  I just love helping our peanut gallery!

And Sandy also made a fun video showing off the Farmer’s Market in Sanford, Maine. I live just 1/4 mile away from that, but I have never been to it. Thanks to Sandy’s video, I got a full tour!!!

Not exactly sure what my video will be for today, but I’m sure I’ll upload something, so please stick around!

Have a great Saturday!



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