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Happy Saturday!

It’s another gray day in Sanford.  I have no clue about the temperature.  It has not been too hot but very humid lately, so it feels wicked hot!

Yesterday, I ran to Marden’s to pick up fabric for another ebay listing. These will be fat eights and I hope so much to have that listed tonight.  Not sure if I can manage it, but I will try my best.

Then Skylar and I ran to Hannaford and on the way home we saw that something big was on fire.  Turned out to be one of our old mills.  I have seen several of those mills burn down in my life.  It’s very sad for me to see old buildings destroyed by fire or even worse, torn down just because they are making room for new stuff. I just love old buildings.

The plans for today are as follows.  Cutting more fabric and getting the packs ready so I can list them on ebay. I also have to record and upload the video for that. Skylar and I also want to record a peanut gallery mail video and that will go up on Monday.  I need to record a Tipster Tuesday video to go up on Tuesday, but that could wait until tomorrow.  I like to have that ready ahead of time.  If Skylar naps, I need to jump on that.

I also have to work on Paper Bead auctions for July 1st.  If I don’t have enough lots, I might skip that for July and start back up in August. But I would love to have some up for July because Skylar would enjoy helping me get them ready for the mail after they sell.  So, I better get on that!  Then there’s always hair dyeing.  Got to get that done!

Have an awesome Saturday!  Darlene xoxo


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