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Saturday Chat – I’m Staying Home and I Hope to Work All Day

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It’s Saturday!

I’m very relieved that I do not have to go out today. Not unless something comes up. I want so much to just stay home and work all day. Work all weekend, actually. Love to work.

Yesterday, I mentioned that it was a rough day and I’d have to fake it if I recorded. Fake it I did. I took you to Walmart with me. You can see that video here. What you don’t know is I cried on the way to the store, I actually cried in the store, then I cried during the ride home. I didn’t cry on camera. Don’t even think I mentioned it. It was a crying day. I cried until I finally fell asleep very late last night. The tears are for nothing in particular, but over many things that just build up. So far, I feel better today. I think I’m done crying for now. lol

Last night I edited the asmr video that I recorded the day before. In that video (it will be up later), I mentioned that I still was not monetized.  But then last night, just for the hell of it, I checked my asmr account and I could not believe my eyes!  I GOT MONETIZED!  Looks like that happened on Aug 8. I never got an email. On the 8th I earned one whole penny. On the 9th I earned 16 cents. They just updated for the 10th and I earned another dime. You have no idea just how excited that makes me! My first mini goal is $5.00 in one month. I bet I can reach that goal in September if I try hard enough. Thank you to all those who subscribed to my channel and gave me the watch time! Very much appreciated!

Today, I hope to start a quilt top for a video!  I’m so anxious to get back to sewing. I have not sewn for weeks other than mending some clothing for my mother. I hope to have the quilt top done soon and since I will be editing that video, you won’t have to wait for it.

I also have something fun planned for my patrons this weekend. I hope I can start that today or tonight the latest. It involves fabric!

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