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Saturday Chat – My Weekly Hope To Do List, Red Copper Pan Review, Tag Along to Walmart

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Happy Saturday!

Remember my list of stuff I wanted to do this week?  Let’s look at the list again to see how much I got done!

  • Dye my hair
  • List my skirt auction
  • Make another quilt block
  • Start my mother’s quilt (I finished it!)
  • Record random facts of Maine
  • Record another craft video
  • Announce my new idea for my channel (peanut gallery mail)
  • Announce my 10K subbies Giveaway

I think I did okay!  As for Random Facts, I hope to do that this weekend.  And I really must record another craft video!  Here is my new list:

  1. Finish up last week’s list (RFoM and Craft)
  2. Make the tote bag for the giveaway
  3. Upload the giveaway
  4. Upload youtube stats for 2 weeks of march
  5. Record youtube tips for mixed nuts group
  6. Clean my desk
  7. Pay bills
  8. Record to movies I love series
  9. Get one box of toys ready for donation
  10. Talk about 4 months zero carb
  11. Record another crafty concoction

I’m really going to try to get those all done, plus more!

Yesterday, I uploaded my Red Copper Pan Review. Then I took you to Walmart for a Tag Along and had more fun with horns!

Today I will be recording the mid month youtube stats and random facts of maine. And I also want to start on the giveaway tote bag which I will also be recording along the way.  And I might sneak another video in there too.  Who knows! lol



Have a great Saturday!



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