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Saturday Chat – My Weekly Wish List, New Storytime, Dyeing My Hair

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Happy Saturday!

Remember my list of stuff I wanted to do last Saturday?  I gave myself 3 days to complete it.  Let’s look at the list again to see how much I got done!

  1.  I’d like to list the Springtime Outfit on eBay
  2.  I’d like to start a Crafty Concoction video
  3. I’d like to upload a Blast from the Past video
  4. I’d like to complete my newest Upcycle Fashion
  5.  I’d like to schedule my new beads for April 1st on eBay
  6.  I’d like to do a follow up video about my earnings update
  7.  I’d like to make another block for the Quilt Block Party
  8.  I’d like to plan my mother’s new quilt that she wants

I think I did a very good job!  The only thing I did not get done was my blast from the past video.  But I did upload a doodle reload, so that sort of counts. Let’s try this again with a new list!

  1. Dye my hair
  2. List my skirt auction
  3. Make another quilt block
  4. Start my mother’s quilt
  5. Record random facts of Maine
  6. Record another craft video
  7. Announce my new idea for my channel
  8. Announce my 10K subbies Giveaway

Looks like I have plenty to do! I’ll give myself a few days to get it all done. We’ll see how I did next Saturday.  I love being busy now that I have energy!

Yesterday, I went shopping for the fabric for my mother’s quilt.  Sandy Pro met me at Marden’s and what a time we had picking fabrics!  But I got it done!  I will be showing you the fabrics soon and will also be recording the making of the quilt. Stay tuned!

Last night, I uploaded a new Storytime video where I talked about my mannequins.  Please watch!

Today, I really hope to dye my hair.  If not, I will try hard to get that done on Sunday.  Be patient. The hair dye is in my possession so it will be soon for sure!

Have a great Saturday!



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