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Saturday Chat – Paper Beads for Sandy Pro and Upcycled Fashions Fail

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Happy Saturday!

I was a super busy girl all week this week.  And the weather was cold and crappy, so it was the perfect time to just stay in the house and work!

My friend, Sandy Pro, and I are in the midst of a Crossover Collab on youtube.  She painted some paper then handed the paper over to me.  I made beads with that paper and I’m handing the beads back over to her.  Then she will make a necklace with the beads!

You can see Sandy Pro painting the paper here.

You can see me making the paper beads here.

I’ll let you know when she has the necklace video up. This project has been so fun!  If you and a friend both create videos, you should try a crossover collab too!

I also uploaded another Upcycled Fashions video and I hated this one! Seriously, it turned out nothing like I wanted because I didn’t have enough fabric to make the long skirt that I envisioned.  I see by the comments that others think it’s cute, but again, it’s just not the skirt I wanted to make so I consider it a FAIL!  Good thing I get to keep trying! lol

Did you watch me open my Peanut Gallery Mail yesterday?  I got some more nice garments to work with!

Have a great Saturday!



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