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It’s Saturday.

I woke up to being called a liar and a fake because in yesterday’s video I talked about how I eat only meat or animal products. But that person saw me in videos eating other stuff. Here’s the deal… I started on youtube in Aug of 2014.  I started eating just meat in Nov 2016. If anyone sees me eating other shit, THOSE ARE OLD VIDEOS! Do I really need to explain that?

Also, I was accused of saying I drink only water yet I drink coffee.  I never said I drink ONLY water! I said other beverages triggered me when I stopped my daily drinking which happens to be ALMOST 19 YEARS AGO!  I stayed away from juice, soda and milk way back then since those things reminded me of booze.  But water is still my drink of choice, even all these years later. I have seltzer now and then. I have coffee every morning. I guzzle milk straight from the jug if I feel the need. I’m well past the point of worrying about drinking booze.

It’s not possible for me to explain every single detail in every single video so that every single person knows exactly what the fuck I’m saying. People just love to twist shit and make the most ridiculous accusations.  It’s the reason I hold back on talking about my life.  It’s not that I even feel the need to talk about that shit.  It’s just part of my life so it comes up now and then. It’s why I try to keep that shit on patreon. At least if haters message me inside patreon, I get the pleasure of knowing they paid me to listen to their bullshit.

Now I’m going to start my day fresh.  I had coffee.  My refrigerated water jug is clean and full.  I’ll be eating a shitload of bacon and wings and maybe even some beef if I feel up to it. That’s what my day looks like.  Don’t believe me? Fuck off.  Oh, that’s right… I’m still fat. Yes, dear hater, I am. How observant.  If you had your listening ears on you’d know I never once said I was eating this way to lose weight.

And if you think that person won by getting under my skin, please remember that I’m a blogger. And you read this blog post, right?  Mission accomplished! Haters are good for content. So let them get under my skin… and all those layers of fat. I win in the end.

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