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Happy Saturday!

Not too much to say today. I was very busy yesterday trying to get some tasks done.  I did indeed bring flowers to the cemetery, but I was just way too hot and exhausted to record anything. I hope to get there over the next few days to record a little bit and show everyone all the flowers. That cemetery seems to get way more flowers than others that I’ve seen, even on some very old graves.

I did a Q&A Session last night. Some were repeat questions, but I answered them anyway, because I know many do not watch older videos. I’d like to try a reverse Q&A at some point where I ask a few questions and I let the Peanut Gallery answer and I’d read their replies. I think that could be fun! (just went on my list!)

Did you know you can clean the bottom of a copper pot with ketchup and get it shining clean?  You can! My friend Sandy Pro shows you how!

I have some exciting news about my narcissism series that I’ll be telling you about soon. Stay tuned!

I hope you have an awesome Saturday!




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