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Saturday Chat – So Much Going On

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It’s Saturday.

I have been straight out busy. Busy in good ways. Busy in bad ways.  Lots of stuff going on that completely overwhelms me.  But I made some good steps forward in trying to resolve some of these things. More about that inside patreon soon.

As for the good busy kind of things, my Fabric Frenzy #8 was a success. I’m always worried about sales. Then when I start to sell out of shit, I find it hard to believe that anyone out there would ever want to do business with me. Then I remember… oh yeah, some people get me. Get my humor. Like my style. Not everyone runs away. Super do appreciate everyone who hangs out with me when, for the most part, I can barely stand being around myself. lol

Here are the results of the frenzy.  I had a total of 44 different items up for grabs. Of those, 22 completely sold out and 13 items are down to just one or two still available.  And I had a decent number of lots for most of those items!  I’m just beyond happy about this.  Now that I might very well be facing expensive medical bills AND major home repairs that I have no clue yet if insurance will even partially cover (just… ugh!), I might have to rely on more fabric sales to increase my income. I have some new ideas that I’m tossing around in my head. It’s all very scary yet very exciting at the same time. Nothing makes me more productive than paying off debt. I LOVE PAYING OFF DEBT!  It’s so completely satisfying.  So, no matter how things turn out, I know can do this!

And, once again… for those of you who contact me to scold me for constantly changing how I sell stuff, for giving perks to patrons and not those who “got me here,” and for calling me greedy for chasing the dollar bill… the minute you start paying my bills, that’s when I will start to listen to what you have to say. As long as I’m writing the checks, back the fuck off.

Now that many of you are pissed, lol, I will be putting leftover frenzy items on ebay today.  I’m not sure how many or for how long. Yes, making changes again. I will always make changes. I love (and have) to try different things. Not going to apologize for that.

You can follow my ebay auctions and buy-it-now listings here. (if you still like me)

Happy to say my Scrappy Afghan found a new home!

What else, what else. Lots of stuff, but I think I’ll stop now. I’ve got too many things to do!  Since my patrons are not likely to shop on ebay because they already grabbed what they wanted, I’m going to go ahead and get those packages ready for the mail. Nothing will go out until Tuesday since it’s a holiday, but I still want that done so I can clear off my work spaces. Then I will finish the other scrappy afghan that I’m working on for a video.

Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who shop my sales, read this blog, watch my videos, support the free ebook list, all that stuff. I really do appreciate it.  Even if you do bitch at me, no biggie. When I know I’m ruffling feathers, that’s a sure sign that I’m doing something I truly feel is right for me. It’s puts me on a mission to prove I’m right and you’re wrong. You actually push me in the exact opposite direction that you want me to go.  You give me the boost I need. And since I’m pretty sure I’m the only person I can count on to get things done, I must keep doing things my way.

Here’s what I have on the blog since my last update…

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2 Strips of Easter Bunny Border Fabric – Starts at 1¢ with Free Shipping – Darlene’s Ebay Auctions

2 Strips of Easter Bunny & Chicks Border Fabric – Starts at 1¢ with Free Shipping – Darlene’s Ebay Auctions

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