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Saturday Chat – Tag Along, Youtube Earnings, Freezer Today

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Happy Saturday!

I have lots of plans for today. First, I want to organize my freezer. All I have is my refrigerator freezer and it’s not big. And it’s filled. Must organize and make a list of what’s in there.

Then I’d also like to do some cooking for even more freezing for my mother. And she will also get a list of what foods we have in there so she can pick and choose off the list like she’s in a restaurant or something. lol  If I actually cook and freeze, there should be a freezing video later and maybe even an easy concoction showing how I prepare some of the food for freezing.

Last night I uploaded two videos. I did a Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s and Walmart and I took you in both stores. Then I uploaded my Youtube Earnings for the first two weeks of November.  How did I do?  You must go see!

Have a great Saturday!



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