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Happy Saturday!

It’s a gray day! Yay!  Yesterday was too bright and sunny for my liking. I went out into that brightness and I swear it triggered me into a downward spiral. So glad today is gray!  My brain needed that.

You know what tonight is, right?  RIGHT???  We get to finally turn the clocks back so the days can get shorter!  So excited!!!  My second favorite night of the year. My first favorite will be tomorrow night when it gets dark early! There should be a holiday for that event!!!

Last night, I boiled a red frank and made a hot dog.  On camera. Yup!  And that simple video is getting lots of attention!  Do love!  I just regret that the camera was not rolling when my ketchup exploded. That would have been classic. lol  You can also watch my tag along to Walmart to watch me buy those red franks. What a fascinating life I lead. LOL

Today, I hope to record my Youtube Earnings video for the month of October. Then maybe I’ll feel up to sewing. Not sure.

Have a great Saturday!



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