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Saturday Chat – Auctions Ending, Fan Mail, Plans for Today

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Happy Saturday!

Before I forget to mention it, my auctions are ending today! Please check them out to see if you want to bid on anything! Lots of Paper Beads and some Upcycled Fashions!

So far it’s a gray day for me in Sanford, Maine. So happy about that!  We are supposed to get some warm weather next week.  Might go as high as 72 degrees on Tuesday or was it Wednesday?  I hope they are wrong!  I want spring, NOT summer!  lol

Yesterday was Fan Mail Friday!  I got such a nice mix of items.  And lots of buttons!  Oh, and I put together a wish list of garments I’m always searching for: t-shirts, jeans, men’s or women’s long sleeve shirts (dress shirts, blouses or knits), sweatshirts, flannel shirts, any kind of skirt (other garments also welcome).

Today I totally want to knock out a simple upcycled fashion.  I did not get to do that yesterday as planned.  Also want to work on my 32 notch rope loom.  Lots to do!  I hope I can get it done!

Did you see these easy Jell-O cookies?  They look perfect for Easter!  Please remember that I am not the one who made any of the recipes that I post. I still eat just meat. And I’m not baking for my mother since I don’t want to smell sweet stuff.  I now buy all her treats ready-made.  But you can bake!  Give these a try and let me know how they turned out!

Have a great Saturday!


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