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See what I picked up at Shaw’s when I ran in to grab the flyer!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I did a quickie shopping trip when I ran in to pick up the new Shaw’s flyer on Monday and want to show you how you can save mucho money if you shop in the reduced sections!  If your Shaw’s does not have awesome reduced sections, ask your manager why not!

I got…

(3) blood oranges (1) apple, $.95 in reduced
(1) head cauliflower, $1.00 in reduced
(1) bunch bananas, I think 7, $.56 in reduced
(2) broccoli heads, $.90 in reduced
(5) tomatoes, $1.54 in reduced
(2) Cabot cottage cheese, $1.00 each in reduced
(8) Kozy Shack pudding, $1.00 each
(8) cans Dole pineapple, $1.00 each
(2) Pepsi Next 2L, $1.79 each
(4) Larabar Uber Bars, $1.29 each

I used these coupons (I did two transactions)…

(8) $.50/1 any Kozy Shack pudding 3/10 SS (exp 5/31) or here, all coupons doubled
(4) $.75/2 Dole, all coupons doubled
(2) FREE Pepsi coupons from snail mail
(2) $.75/2 Larabar Uber Bar (NLA), all coupons doubled
(2) $.50 OYNO (and once again, one of them doubled! 4th time it happens!)
(1) $1.00 OYNO
(1) $.75 OYNO

After tax and deposit I ended up paying $8.31

I will get (2) $.75 refunds from SavingStar for the Larabars (2 separate SS accounts) for a total of $1.50 refund

Final price for everything above is only $6.81

And I have $1.25 in catalinas for next time (I got a double dip cat for the Dole, $.50 and $.75)

Remember the deal I did on Sunday? The one where I actually made $5.80 by shopping? (see here).  If I put those two deals together, it works out that I got everything in the photo above and everything in the photo below, for a total of $1.01!  That’s a lot of food for a buck and a penny! (puddings and pineapple are going to the food pantry)


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10 comments to See what I picked up at Shaw’s when I ran in to grab the flyer!

  • Traci

    If you have two Savings Star accounts, can you register the same Shaw’ s card?

    • Darlene

      Nope. You need 2 savingstar accounts and 2 shaws cards. You can get another shaw’s card at the service desk.

  • Samantha

    Awesome trips!! Where are the Larabar Uber Bars located? I was in the Sanford Shaw’s on Sunday and couldn’t find them -only the regular Larabars in the natural food section.

    • Darlene

      There are in the natural food section, but for some reason, they have them separate from the regular larabars… more to the right.

  • Sharon

    Lacey Qualey,
    The Saving Star won’t post immediately. It takes several days. You shopped yesterday, may take a week.
    On the Dole Shakers, I bought 4 in one trans. and 3 in second trans. 3 or 4 days later saving star credited the 3 and a few days later they credited the 4.
    Keep following Darlene and her deals…they work every time. Some bloggers deals are full of errors and some even show coupons being used that are not even for the items. Darlene’s are dead on.
    Keep at it, You will be a pro at this in no time…

    • Darlene

      OMG… I’m blushing!!! Just so you know, I do make mistakes, and I lose sleep over them! LOL

  • Patricia N.

    My Shaw’s never gives overages any more. This stopped about a month ago. So frustrating. Saving Star sometimes takes a while to show your refunds. When I tried to do the StarKist deal, the first five I bought showed up, but none of the others did. When this happens, write to Saving Star and they will tell you what to do. Usually you just have to scan your receipt and send it to them.
    I lost a receipt from Hannaford, but I knew the date I bought my Smart Ones there because of my credit card statement. The manager looked in the computer files, printed it for me, and I e-mailed it to Saving Star. They will credit me after the promotion is over. Keep all correspondence with SS to ensure that you do indeed get your money credited to your account. I got my StarKist. I am just waiting now for the Smart Ones.

    • Darlene

      Pat, you do know they are not to un-double legitimate doubles, right? Dan has said so numerous times. Also, my overage on my 1st deal came from SavingStar which is why I have $5.80 profit.

  • Lacey Qualey

    I am so upset, Yesterday i was thrilled with my smaller but similar shopping trip to Shaws in Sanford, till i got to the register. I had the Kozy Shack pudding, Fresh express lettuce, Pineapples, Dole smoothies as well as the frozen fruit cups, frozen bread and several reduced bakery and dairy items. My total came to $20 for something I should have paid under $10. The cashier/Shift leader I had refused to give me any of the overages on my coupons. And now I just found out my saving Star for the Dole didn’t take….. so frustrating.

    • Darlene

      Are you saying they refused to double the coupons? Non of the coupons you mention had overages. The overages come from SavingStar on the frozen fruit. And you need to have your shaw’s card registerd on your account. All this can be fixed! Take your receipt to customer service and explain. Contact SavingStar to see if you did it right. You needed to split that order for all the coupons to work. That was a tough deal to start out on, but don’t give up! I wish I could be with everyone when they shop. And this was in Sanford??? Can you please scan your receipt and email it to me at and I’ll see to it you get what’s coming to you!!!