Strip Quilt Kit – Think Pink (NES2603)

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Fabric:  Loralie Designs (using their images)

You get 16 strips total to make an awesome strip quilt.  These strips are the full width of the fabric and include the selvages.

NOTE:  The background of the hearts on white (image F) looks like bright white in the image, but it’s actually off white. It’s not the same white as the flowers on white (image D), but that combo still works great! You can use different shades of white in the same quilt just like you can use different shades of pink or any color.  I’m just mentioning it because the image shows that it’s bright white yet it’s not.

Simply sew all the strips together in any order that you like and you will end up with a quilt top measuring about 42″ wide by 72″ tall.  This is the approximate finished size after all seam allowances. This works well for the top of a twin size bed.

Feel free to cut the taller strips into 2 or 3 shorter strips if you like. Just remember that each time you create a new seam you lose a total of 1/2 inch in the length of the quilt. You can also add your own fabrics, maybe narrow sashing between rows if you like. It’s all up to you!

If you would like to make this a Quilt As You Go Rag Quilt, you can watch this video to see how I did that for my mother’s quilt. I did piecing, but then I just put rows together and ragged them. You could do the same with the strips. I guess. I don’t really remember how I did it, but it might give you some ideas.

This is what you get for strips for each print:

Click each image link to see the print for those strips

Image A: 1 strip, 3″ tall

Image B: 1 strip, 3″ tall

Image C: 1 strip, 10″ tall

Image D:  4 strips, one 10″ tall, three 2″ tall

Image E: 1 strip, 10″ tall

Image F:  3 strips, one 6″ tall, one 5″ tall, one 4″ tall

Image G:  2 strips, both 5″ tall

Image H: 1 strip, 3″ tall

Image I:  2 strips, one 6″ tall, one 4″ tall

If you don’t want to make a strip quilt, you could always cut these strips into squares or rectangles. You could also cut the wider strips into narrower strips to use as sashing or borders for multiple quilts.

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Strip Quilt Kit – Think Pink (NES2603)
Price: $34.25 + FREE shipping