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Sunday Chat

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It’s Sunday!

I have not put my daily chat on my blog for over 2 months.  Sometimes things just get to be a bit too time-consuming to make it worth the effort.  Sometimes things just become a drag. lol  But I think I’ll be bringing my chat back under these new rules.  1.  It won’t necessarily be daily, but only when I feel like it.  2.  I’ll keep it short or at least attempt to keep it short.

Last night I recorded a fairly long ASMR video with paper sounds (check out my Sounds and Whispers ASRM channel).  I did some of the editing last night and will finish up and get that published today. While recording, it dawned on me that I feel like I’m creating music. And I am. I’m creating music for the ears of those who love ASMR in the same way I do.  I not only love it, I’ve come to rely on it to relax me and put me to sleep.  It’s by far my best sleep aid.  And I love rough and harsh sounds. That’s what the paper video will be, mostly. Some soft, but mostly harsh.  What a joy it is to get to edit those videos.

I also uploaded a new Concoction Video, Praline Cookie Cookie Bark.  My mother absolutely loves it!  I also started a new crochet project, this time a crocheted tote bag.  I have about half of it done.  I’m recording as I go but I will only upload when I’m done.  I want it to be completed in one video.  If you want to see my Crocheted Beanie video, go here!

I am staying put today.  I will finish editing my ASMR and will also work some more on the crocheted bag. It’s possible that I might finish that today.  Then I will try to record something else too.

I have not updated the stats below for 2 months!  I’m not sure I will keep updating these stats, or maybe I’ll update just once per week. I’m updating them now so you can see how much things have changed for me in the past 2 months. Lots of growth!  I love growth!

Patreon 2 months ago: 294 patrons, $608 per month in pledges
Patreon today: 349 patrons, $787 per month in pledges
(public stats are estimates of my actual cut after fees)

Youtube 2 months ago: 33,760 subscribers (earnings update playlist here)
Youtube today: 40,389 subscribers

Peanut Gallery Group 2 months ago: 1,587 members
Peanut Gallery Group today: 1,903 members

Thanks for visiting my blog! Darlene


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