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Sunday Chat

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It’s Sunday!

I thought I’d start my day with a quick chat to fill you in on a few things. I’m always so busy with videos now that I don’t have the time for daily chats anymore. And I have not yet found a way to work around the clock with zero sleep. I’d love to get rid of time spent on meals too. lol In other words, work and only work would be a perfect world for me.  I think you know that about me by now.

I have a Fabric Frenzy coming up. Here’s the deal… the past 2 frenzies put a damper on how I feel about these sales. Frenzy #4 was a nightmare due to the paypal buttons allowing me to oversell many items (59 to be exact). That forced me to change how I run the frenzies. For Frenzy #5, I ran it on ebay. That only allowed me to oversell one item which was good, but it also took away much of the thrill ride for me since it was not as frenzied. I enjoyed the excitement the original frenzies gave me.

I almost considered stopping the frenzies.  They are a lot of work for me. I don’t mind putting in all the time and effort but it must be exciting for me. Spending all that time on something that I no longer enjoy is not how I like to spend my precious time. But instead of quitting that gig, I decided to keep trying to change it to see if I can find the love for it again.

One thing I have always wanted to do was find a way to include my patrons in the frenzies. Do something special for them. I think now is the time to do that. I’d like to offer some of the listings to patrons first, and early bird special on the Friday before the frenzy. That might bring back some of the excitement for me. And it would be a two-day frenzy now instead of just one. Yes, more work, but if it ups the excitement level, then I’m all for it!   Of course, there is a chance that this will piss off some of my peanut gallery members because people love to get pissed off. Many don’t like change. Some will see this as though I no longer care about the facebook group.

If that’s how you feel (pissed off and left out), think about it this way… if I don’t find a way to make this better for me, I won’t do it at all.  How on earth is that good for you? And no one has to join patreon for the early bird specials. The frenzy will still be there on Saturday for those who want to shop. Will I lose some shoppers who are pissed off?  YES!  I will. I’m aware of that. But it’s what I have to do as a last-ditch attempt as keeping the frenzies alive for those who still want them. There will always be change. Always. Remember, I’m not a fucking robot. I want to feel excited. Please don’t take that away from me.

One thing I constantly tell myself… the people who leave and let me know how selfish I am for thinking only of myself are people I don’t want in my circle. I’m not losing anyone important. I’m losing a loser. Buh-bye!

And one thing I must remember is that if it all falls apart, the changes I made are not what caused it.  It was already falling apart for me.  Changes are necessary to see if I can find the love for frenzies again. If frenzies come to an end, no biggie. I’ll do something else. There is always something else! Do love that!

Other than that, I’m also very busy procrastinating about all the cleaning I have to do around here. I must get ready for Skylar’s visit. I really hope I can accomplish what I need to do.  I would give anything to have help. I’d be totally willing to hire someone to clean and to also be my personal assistant. I think about it every day. The only thing stopping me is that I can’t imagine that I’d ever find a good fit. And I also have zero interest in interviewing anyone. In fact, the interviewing part makes me sick. I’d love to have an assistant just fall into my lap. Not going to happen.

I could go on and on but I have to get busy! Here are some stats for you since my last chat.

Last Update (9 days ago): 351 patrons, $987 per month in pledges
Today: 355 patrons, $1,001 per month in pledges
(public stats display an estimate after fees)

Youtube (Darlene Michaud channel)
Last Update (9 days ago):
 49,131 subscribers
Today: 49,557 subscribers
(old earnings playlist here, new stats series here)

Youtube (Sounds and Whispers ASMR channel)
Last Update (9 days ago): 792 subscribers
Today: 803 subscribers

Peanut Gallery Group
Last Update (9 days ago): 2,623 members
Today: 2,645 members

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Darlene


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