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It’s Sunday!

I had a very late night last night. Did not even start to get sleepy until just after 5:00am. Went over to my mother’s side of the house and threw myself on her couch, since she had just gotten up, and I let her catholic channel lull me to sleep. The rosary will knock me out every time! lol

I uploaded quite a few videos yesterday!  I started with a manic Daily Update that contains important Pet Montage info, then moved on to a Tag Along with Me to Roger’s, then ended with another Q&A Session where I answer more of your questions!

Today, I hope to upload my first Speed Beading video on my craft channel. That is not a tutorial, but just a fun way for me to record myself making beads on fast speed!  Figure I’ll give it a try.  I also plan on recording attempt #2 on the Honey Baked Chicken Wings, but this time I’ll be doing them a different way. Same ingredients, just different prep.

And check out the videos that Sandy uploaded last night.  I’m hoping they give some of you new video ideas as to what you could possibly record.  If you are not ready to actually be on camera (are we ever??? lol), you could record something as simple as birds at the feeders. If you have the gift of gab with no social anxiety (leaves me out! lol), you could maybe find some events around your town that would be worth promoting. Sandy shops at a plant sale every year and this time she took her camera with her!  Someone who has a knack for creating these types of videos could certainly turn their talent into a nice little gig creating commercials for local businesses and events. And yes, you could even charge them for your efforts!  Or at least get a free gift certificate!  Just tossing the idea out there!  Go see Sandy’s plant sale video here!

Have a great Sunday!



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