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Sunday Chat – Channel Update, Rolling Shit, Dollar Tree Today, Video Plans, BFTP (cleaning with Skylar last summer)

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Happy Sunday!

It’s supposed to be HOT in Sanford, Maine over the next few days.  I have no clue what the temp is right now, but I have the AC cranked because it was hot when I got up to go to the bathroom this morning (then crawled right back into bed… my couch).  I guess I can check the temp.  Hmmm, it says 85 with a high of 91.  That’s way too hot for me!

I got a little bit of stuff done around the house again yesterday.  Not much, but I was able to bring more stuff upstairs.  Just moving shit from one floor to the other.  I hate that it’s all cluttering up a different room, but glad it’s not in my living space.  I hope to do even more today.

I also uploaded two videos yesterday.  One was to explain what my channel will look like over the next 6 weeks with Skylar here.  There will be plenty of content during her Maine vacation, but the content will be different than my normal schedule. You can learn more about all that here.

The other video is part of my Can I “Blank” This Shit series where the word “blank” is replaced by various forms of crafting. This time it was Can I Roll This Shit.  I took adhesive shelf liner and test it for rolling beads.  It was a huge success! And I experimented more with that after uploading the video and I already have some new ideas to share. I might do a quick follow up video today because I’m just so excited about this new craft.

And yes, there are always some who are totally offended by my shit series. They don’t like the word. They are appalled that I put it in the title and the thumbnail.  I get that.  I really do.  Everything I do on my channel is well thought out and calculated.  It’s not by accident that I use that word the way I do and make it the focus of that series.  It’s planed and scheduled.  It attracts my kind of audience.  Viewers who like that sort of stuff are usually quite devoted.  That’s what I need in the peanut gallery.  Devoted audience members who love to watch my shit. I must keep the watch time growing!  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I really do have a filthy mount. Feels so good to use it.

As for today, I’d like to hit Dollar Tree to pick some more stuff up for Skylar.  Then I want to pre-record a Tipster Tuesday and schedule it to come out on Tuesday.  It never dawned on me to schedule things in advance like that so I could still have regular content for when Skylar is here.  I will for sure plan that for next summer.

I also would like to start my new quilt block series where I embellish a block. Those videos should be super quick so maybe I can record a few of those today too and schedule them out.

I really think I want to do a follow up video on the shelf liner beads.  Oh, and I can pick more of the shelf liner up today at Dollar Tree!  And maybe a Doodle Reload?  I have not moved a doodle to my main channel in a while.

Plenty to do!  Let’s get started!

Have a great Sunday!  Darlene xoxo

Uploaded October 19, 2016
(When Skylar and I cleaned the middle room last summer)


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