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Happy Sunday!

I woke up so sleepy but got up anyway.  Just so tired of being sleepy!  I went to bed at a decent hour, I think.  Just a lousy sleeper.

We had a big day yesterday.  My mother asked to go for a ride so we took her out.  No camera.  My mother does not like cameras.  It was mega hot out there but cool enough in the car.  We just rode around town a bit, showed her the mill that burned, visited the cemetery, stuff like that.  We were out for maybe an hour.

Then I finished cutting the fabric and I listed the fabric on ebay last night.  I had 12 lots this time and sold out in about 3 hours.  Today, Skylar and I will get all those packaged and ready for my mail carrier to pick up tomorrow morning.  You can see the fabric listing here and you can also see Skylar video bombing me here.  I had no clue she was behind me until I edited. lol

Today we have a big day planned again.  If my mother wants to go for another ride, we will attempt that again.  She mentioned yesterday that she’d like to go out today, but I think the mini outing wore her out a bit.  She might change her mind for today but for sure we will take her out again.  And again, no camera. I’m am constantly asked to record my mother but she hates that and it’s stressful enough to get her out so I don’t want to add to that stress by putting a camera on her.

Skylar and I have the fabric to package up then we also have a Peanut Gallery package to open.  I plan on recording that today so I can have it ready for Mailbag Monday!  And I just realized that I still have not shown her all the wonderful buttons I got from the Peanut Gallery.  I must do that!  She will absolutely love looking through all those buttons. So will I.

Derrick is in Minneapolis for a few days for his job as an independent Auto Appraiser.  There was a hail storm that damaged many cars so he is there with two other appraisers to appraise the damage of over 300 cars.  This is his first time going out in the field like this.  Usually he appraises cars in and around Memphis, maybe 3 or 4 per day.  This gig is going to be around the clock work the entire time he’s there.  But it’s a huge chunk of income for him so it’s totally worth it.  Just so happy that he has jobs like this!

I guess that’s it!  I mentioned the buttons so Skylar is all anxious for that.  Told her we have some other stuff to do first.  Buttons can wait a bit. lol  And I might record a Snippets Video today just to be sure I have something for tonight.  I love having you as part of our day!

Have a great Sunday!  Darlene xoxo


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