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Sunday Chat – Hair Dyeing, Quilt Block, Longer Days (do hate), 10K Subbies Giveaway Soon!

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Happy Sunday!

It’s much later than I thought!  I need to change the time on my clocks.  I hate that!  And even worse, I have to change them in the wrong direction.  We now have longer DAYS!!!  I love longer nights.  In a perfect world, it would get dark at noon. At least that’s my perfect!

First, we hit over 10K subscribers on my channel yesterday!!! Yay! Yay!  I will be having a Giveaway as a way to celebrate!  I will be giving away a tote bag. Just need to make it first.  Soon!!!

Yesterday, I dyed and trimmed my hair and even showed you my makeup routine. LOL  My hair did not really get any lighter at all due to the black that’s already in it.  I should have picked LIGHTER colors in the poll and it would have lifted some. But no biggie!  I can do it again very soon!

I also knocked out another quilt block for the Quilt Block Party!  Check out #7, Wonky 9 Patch!

Today, I must start the quilt that I am making for my mother.  Her birthday is the 19th, so I’m cutting it close!  But I should be able to get it done in time.  And yes, I will be recording the steps. Stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday!



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