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Sunday Chat – Happy Easter, Darlene’s Concoctions, Quilt Block, Upcycled Fashions Planned for Today

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Happy Sunday!


It’s Easter!  Happy Easter to all who celebrate that.  Happy Sunday to those who don’t.  We are doing the same old, same old today.  Nothing special planned.  No special food.  My mother and I both eat exactly what we love everyday and that is what we will do today too.  She wants chicken, a baked potato and veggies.  I want only beef. Then of couuse, she has lots of treats coming her way.  I have not put her Easter Basket outside her door yet. The Easter bunny arrives late at this house. lol

Yesterday, I was a busy girl!  First, I whipped up a Darlene’s Concoction that was a big hit with my mother and my sister.  I didn’t have any.  All the leftover bars are in the freezer for my mother. I’m sure that will last her awhile!

After that, I planned on starting a new Upcycled Fashions, but I was just too beat and didn’t want to screw stuff up.  So I made another block for the Quilt Block Party and I was worried that I would screw that up too, but it came out great!

Today I plan on working on my Upcycled Fashions and hope to start and complete it today for uploading tonight. Fingers crossed that I can get that done!  I’m anxious to see what I make! lol

Have a great Sunday!



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