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Sunday Chat – Is Blogging Dead? (I’m thinking no, it’s not)

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It’s Sunday.

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For quite a while now, I was under the impression that blogging was dead. It seemed like videos were taking over and that making a living with a blog was a thing of the past.

Now I have changed my mind.

Yes, videos are a very big deal and an excellent way to earn with advertisers, but there is still a place for those who would rather type than talk. It might be harder to get a blog off the ground now. But if someone has any kind of following on social media, or just a decent amount of friends, earning income from a blog is very possible.

I’ve owned my domain, darlenemichaud.com, since 2000, I think. Back then I didn’t know what a blog was. I don’t even know if wordpress existed (I just checked, and no, it didn’t). I used my site to sell the clothing I was making. I also talked about my life a bit.  More than a bit. I talked about personal stuff way before that kind of shit was popular.  I discovered that people were curious as to what I would say next and they kept coming back. It didn’t even dawn on me until today that I was actually preparing for a youtube career by blogging. It was like I was developing my shtick. Testing the waters. Whatever.

Now I use my blog as a hub for all I do. I post my videos and my ebay items. I post recipes I find on the web (lots of ways to monetize recipes, I’ll talk about that soon). I post the ebooks list (which is now patreon exclusive). I like to post when I first get up while I drink my coffee. It’s how I start my day. Every single day. Unless I simply can’t.

Lately I started my daily chat series back up. I started that series long ago, but then I go through periods that I just don’t care to post. This time around, something clicked. It’s the curiosity factor working again, I’m sure. My chats are by far my most viewed posts. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Part of me is happy for the views. Part of me hates that people actually read my words. lol  It’s just like with videos. I’m glad I have that for revenue. I also try to pretend no one ever watches. I’m an odd duck.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. But for sure blogging is still a good form of residual income if you are doing it part-time. Many are still raking in the bucks with full-time blogs. I can’t get into the details of how to do all that because teaching you about blogging and how to get started would need to be a full-time job. But there is plenty of info on the web if anyone wants to start a blog. I have followed Amy Lynn Andrews for years (she used to be Blogging with Amy). I’m not getting paid to promote her. She does not even know I exist. I just like her style. She’s honest and she knows all the blogging ropes. You can check her out!

I think I’m wasting a big opportunity by not doing more with my blog.  My blog was a BIG money maker for me when I used it to promote coupon deals. When I quit that gig and moved on to youtube full-time, I let my blog take a back seat. A back seat with no seat belt. Reckless.  I’m starting to think that I should use my blog for something useful again. I’m getting excited about this! More to come…

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