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It’s Sunday! And I just keep getting up later and later!  I did not crawl out of bed until 1:00pm today.  I was shocked when I looked at the time last night and realized I was still up and it was after 4:30am.  I worked all night and loved it!

I want to wish all the moms in my online family and the peanut gallery a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope your day is whatever you’d like it to be.  Mine is gray and rainy, and I feel like that’s a gift especially for me!  We are doing nothing special.  Just a quiet day and if my mother wants something special to eat, she only has to say the word and I’ll go out and get it for her.

I also want to mention that I know for many, this day, like any special day or holiday, can be sad or a stuggle. I am like that on most holidays, but for Mother’s Day, I’m good. I still have my mother.  And I am a mother.  But I think of all the women out there who lost their mothers or who never even had a mother. And there are those who tried so hard to be a mother and it never happened for them. For whatever reason, I know there are many who struggle with this day. My hope for them is that they give themselves permission to spend the day however they want, even if it means staying in bed in a very dark room. That’s okay. The day will pass and all the hoopla with be over soon. You are allowed to be sad or mad or hurt or whatever you are feeling. And those feelings can be healing!  You know me… always thinking of those who suffer with depression or just with life issues!  Been there, done that! (still doing that)

Oh no!!!  I just noticed that the email inbox that I set up for the new Pet Montage that I’m going to do got filled once again!  I had no clue that I’d get this many photos.  I feel horrible!  I will discuss this in my video daily update and will get this straightened out.  I thought I added enough space to that inbox, but apparently not!

That’s it for now!  I have lots more to talk about, but I must get this day started!

Have a great Sunday!



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