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Sunday Chat – My Clumsy Lunch, 40 Finger Lights, and Skylar Will Be Here Tomorrow!!!

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It’s Sunday!

The final countdown is on!!!  At this time tomorrow, I will already be back from the airport with Derrick and Skylar!  I just can’t believe it!  My only concern is that I have to get up early.  I rarely get up before noon, but tomorrow I must get up at 8:30am. Ugh! lol

Let’s talk about yesterday! It was a day of clumsiness for me. I did a video about cooking my lunch, and I almost lost my camera, then almost lost myself! I still have no clue how I did not end up on the floor. My only injuries are a sore arm and a bump on the head. Nothing broken!  So happy about that!

And did you see this deal on these finger lights??? You can get 40 Finger Lights for only $1.68 with FREE SHIPPING!!!  But the price can change at any time.  I ordered some for Skylar! She had these before and loved them!

Today, I must get a lot of last minute stuff done. But I hope to have a video up too! I might work on a Pet Montage and I also have a Blast from the Past that I need to post to show everyone how stressed out I was last summer after having Skylar here for less than a week.  I don’t think I’ll suffer that stress this time because I no longer have deals to worry about!

Have a great Sunday!



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