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It’s Sunday!


I have a big day planned! I will be doing some cooking and freezing so I will have stuff ready for my mother throughout the week.  I also want to do some sewing for tutorials and auctions! And I have homemade pea soup planned too!

Then I have lots of laundry to do because I got a ton of fabric from my cousin that belonged to her mother. Since there was a smoker in that home, the fabric picked up the smell. But I washed a bunch of it last night and it came out smelling like fresh cotton, no cigarette smell at all!  I have lots more to wash. I love fabric so much and I’m honored to be able to turn my aunt’s fabric into new items. Even washing it is an honor.

Last night I recorded a Nightcap explaining why I did not have a video for 2 days. I’m quite sure I’ll be up to recording today, in fact, I want to record my homemade pea soup. But I might upload a tutorial too! So happy that I feel like making a video today!

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Have a great Sunday!



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