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Happy Sunday!

I’m up early today! Early by my standards.  I was up by 10:30am.  I woke up excited because I get to go fabric shopping today!  I listed (8) lots of Fat Eighths on eBay last night and I sold out in just over 2 hours!  So freaking amazing! Now I get to pick out 20 bolts of flannel, buy a yard of each, cut it into eighths and send that fabric off to 8 new homes.  What a wonderful job I have!

I also did something totally different for a video yesterday.  I started out by recording a Follow Me Around, but I didn’t end up recording enough footage.  So I turned that into a Daily Life Vlog with snippets of what I do during the day.  I showed a bit of what I recorded in Marden’s, then I showed you m “disgusting” meat lunch (I know many of you think it’s disgusting so I feel the need to warn you LOL), and then I was about to record my Fat Eighths video and since I knew that was going to be a short video, I turned on my second camera and I let you watch me “behind the scenes” as I recorded it!  I left it pretty much as is with all the pauses, stumbling over words, even a burp.  I did end up fast forwarding through the pauses because I didn’t want you just sitting there.  So watch THIS VIDEO to see the mostly unedited version and then watch THIS VIDEO to see how much I edited.  Please remember this was a short video to begin with.  I often have videos with over an hour of footage and I try to get them down to 15 minutes.  That’s always a challenge! LOL

Today, after shopping for fabric, I may do some of the cutting. Maybe all of it.  I will only have 20 yards to cut into eighths so that will not take me as long as when I cut 60 yards.

Then I’d love to come up with an Upcycled Fashions video.  And I want to do something for my “shit” series.  And there is always that Quilt Block Party that I need to wrap up!  Plenty do to.  Just need to find the time!

Oh, and for sure there will be more snippets of my daily life.  I got fantastic feedback in the comments on youtube for that video!

Have a great Sunday!  Darlene xoxo

Uploaded May 26, 2016
(that time I showed you fluff)


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