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*** Sanford Salami Alert *** Salami Only $1.29 at Roger’s Supa Dolla – Plus Salami Tips

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I ran over to Roger’s Supa Dolla yesterday to pick up their Monday special, boiled ham at $1.99.  I noticed they had a sign on the butcher bar for salami for only $1.29! This is an in-store special and will only be around until they run out.

One of the things I hear most often when I tell people about sandwich meat deals is that it’s too salty and too fatty.  Yes, and yes.  I agree.  Although this salami is not overly salty, it is fatty. Here’s what I do to solve that problem!

I boil it.

Yep! I boil any kind of fatty or salty meat, including Spam. I even boil my boiled ham. I boil then change the water and boil again, sometimes changing the water twice (even for hot dogs).  I boil it then freeze it. Then when I want to use it, most of the fat and salt is gone! It’s also very good fried after it’s boiled.

Another thing I do is I order sandwich meat cut into thick pieces, like 2 or 3 inches thick (just have them cut it with a knife if their slicer will not go that wide). I boil that, then I cut into chunks for when I want chunks of meat instead of slices.

Here are some things you can do with this salami:

Make sandwiches (obviously)

Cut and toss into pasta sauce

Use as a pizza topping

Add strips to a tossed salad

Add chopped pieces to pasta or potato salad

Use for party platters

Grind and make a spread for crackers

Fry and serve with breakfast

Add a slice to a burger

Wrap around a hot dog before putting it in the bun

Cut chunks and use for hash

Add pieces to any soup or stew

And so much more!  What are your salami tips?

Roger’s Supa Dolla is located at 29 Cottage Street in Sanford


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