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CHEAP BREAD & SNACK CAKES at Nissen Bakery Outlet in Springvale – Check your Nissen Outlet too!

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I popped in to the Nissen Bakery Outlet in Springvale yesterday and I want to remind you to check it out!  They were stocked with lots of awesome bread for only $.99 per loaf! My only sadness was they were out of rye.

However, you can pick up all kinds of the whole wheat or high grain breads, and $.99 is a fantastic price for those.  They had tons of Essential Everyday bread! Lots of Smart White too (more fiber).

These breads can cost as much as $4.29 at other stores.  So, $.99 is an awesome deal.  I got Essential Everyday Honey Wheat with an expiration date of Oct 25!

No coupon needed… just grab cheap bread! 

They also had lots of snack cakes, 3 boxes for $3.00.  They had “Glow Balls” which is like Snow Balls only in orange for Halloween.  These are chocolate cream filled cakes covered in marshmallow and coconut.  One of my mother’s favorites so I picked up 3 boxes.

They also had Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Swiss Rolls, Coffee Cakes, Twinkies (both regular and chocolate cream filled) and more… mix and match, 3 for $3.00!

TIP: You can freeze snack cakes! Yes, you can!

ANOTHER TIP: Cut snack cakes like Twinkies, Devil Dogs, Swiss Rolls, into 1 inch slices, turn them on their sides, put on a platter and you have an awesome bite size dessert tray! You can cut while frozen so they don’t crumble! Want to make them look more homemade? Squirt some frosting on each one with a cake decorator tip. Use holiday colors like orange for Halloween, green and red for Christmas… you get the point. You can also top with a chocolate chip, M&M, candy corn… whatever!


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