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I think I watch to much stuff on the food channel because I decided to try building a burger with wacky items.

Only trouble is… we had no ground beef and no hamburger buns. No problem!  I ran over to McDonald’s and picked up burgers from their Dollar Menu! That dollar burger was the base.

I added these items which I sauteed together:

green peppers
classic crab

Then I topped with slices of hard boiled eggs.  I added some French dressing to the bun.

This was by far the best burger I’ve ever eaten!

I can’t wait to try more combinations and will use continue to use the cheap McDonald’s burger as the base! I think I’m on to something here!

You could always set up a little burger bar for the kids and lay out some unusual ingredients. Get them each a dollar burger and let them build on it! Fun eats!


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