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Enter to Win your DREAM HOUSE – Get $2,000 a month until age 75!

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I can’t imagine anything more pleasant than getting paid $2,000 per month for my dream house!

My dream house would have an indoor pool and an outdoor pool and I’d love a one lane bowling alley. I’d want it to be 3 stories high but with an elevator for my mother and any other aging relatives we take in.

There would be a paradise bedroom for my granddaughter Skylar for when she visits. And a large yard for a playground and lots of pets. Of course, there would have to be guest houses for the live in maid and handyman.  Dream on! Dream on!

CLICK HERE for a chance to win $2,000 a month for the home of your dreams! I just entered, so if you don’t enter, at least wish me luck! I promise to invite you over! LOL

It’s super quick and easy to enter… just name, address, phone and email. That’s it!  After that you are taken to pages of offers. Don’t bother with those other offers! All you need to do is submit the entry like below then you’re done!

Enter today to win the house of your dream. The grand prize winner will receive Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) per month for the rest of their life (up to the age of 75) to pay for the mortgage or purchase of their Dream House. No purchase necessary to enter or win!


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