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Unglued by Stone Temple Pilots

Car Wash by Rose Royce

Get Down Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band

You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees

Rearviewmirror by Pearl Jam

Highlights of Skylar’s Maine Visit

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I will be flying out with Skylar tomorrow, the 19th. I can’t believe her Maine vacation is almost over!  We are going to miss her so much. I hope to have her again this fall.

Here are just a few photos of her fun trip!

Heading to the airport, wearing lip gloss that she grabbed from my purse. I think she did an excellent job!

Saying bye to her daddy, my son, Derrick

On the plane. I didn’t know she was about to get sick

At the 4th of July parade in Sanford

At Wells Beach

Having a tea party with Grand Memere

Doing crafts with Grand Memere

The necklace Skylar made for Grand Memere. She picked the beads all by herself and my mother absolutely loves it!

Skylar’s little store. She’s also wearing her very favorite shoes that she calls her dancing shoes.

The beautiful manicure Skylar gave me for the flight back to Mississippi. And I’m leaving it exactly as is!


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Sanford Shaw’s Alert: More 10 CENT Corn, FREE Carrots, CHEAP Kashi Cereal, CHEAP Lactaid

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I just got back from a little walk around Shaw’s in Sanford and this is my report!

CORN ON THE COB ONLY 10¢ EACH: They just filled the bin with more corn at 10 for $1 and they said they have plenty more.  If you have room in your freezer it’s time to stock up! You can do a quick search on the web on “how to blanch and free corn” and you will get all the help you need to learn how to freeze corn. You can also freeze it off the cob to save room in your freezer. UPDATE: one of my readers posted instructions on how to freeze corn in the comments below. Scroll down past the coupons to see it!

FREE CARROTS: There is a new Earthbound Farm coupon that will print out for ANY Earthbound product and Sanford currently has the 1 pound bags of carrots that you can pick up for FREE with the coupon. Note: the coupon stated DND but they have been letting it double but it only doubles up to $1.29 so no overage. But FREE is good, right?  To find the 1 pound bags in Sanford go in the produce side of the store then walk straight until you hit the oranges. Take a right then look to right. The 1 lb bags of carrots are on the right side of that display.

CHEAP LACTAID: They have Lactaid in reduced dairy marked down to $1.72. I think you can grab a $1 off Lactaid coupon HERE (not sure and don’t have time to print to check) which would bring the price down to $.72 for a half gallon. They also had Wild Harvest milk, I think, and some Garelick?  Look for Garelic coupons in the coupon database.  Don’t like lactaid or the other milks? Use them in smoothies for the kids. They will never know. You can also freeze in its own container as is (I’ve never had one burst open) or you can pour into smaller containers so you don’t have to use it up quick. You can also make ice cubes for smoothies or plop a couple of “milk” ice cubes in your milk for ice cold milk!

MAYBE LOTS OF REDUCED PRODUCE: The cart by the produce door was gone so I asked and they said they were filling it up with lots of new reduced stuff! I have no clue what you might find but be sure you check it out! Peppers have been cheap as well as potatoes. My stock up price for potatoes is $.30 per pound. I have never paid more than that since I discovered reduced produce and I always have plenty of potatoes in my bin (I refrigerate all my potatoes).  In fact, I just picked up a 5 lb bag last week for $1.50, only $.30 per pound.

CHEAP KASHI CEREAL: On the back wall of the store in reduced grocery (to the right of the big door next to reduced dairy) there are lots of boxes of Kashi cereal, flakes, honey puffs and shredded wheat) on clearance for $2. If you have 60 points in your recyclebank account you can print a coupon for $2/2 which brings the price down to only $1 per box for Kashi!  If you are not a recyclebank member yet, you really need to join! You can cash in points for awesome coupons or gift cards! Join RecycleBank… it free and it’s fun!




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