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Get Down Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band

You Should Be Dancing by Bee Gees

Rearviewmirror by Pearl Jam

Check out my new computer station I just made – I’m standing up now!

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I have been sitting for over 12 years.  I had a sewing business and sold online for 11 years. So, for all that time I was either at a sewing machine or a computer. Then I switched over to blogging and now I sit only at a computer and don’t even get the little bit of exercise I once got from going up and down the stairs to get fabric.

It was to the point that after sitting for just 30 minutes my legs would get numb and very swollen.  Even with getting up to move around a bit, I pretty much had rubber legs all day.


I just made myself a standing computer station!  I have no clue if I’ll be able to stand it (pun intended), but I’m sure going to give it a good shot.  After all, I once had to get used to sitting all the time. I might be able to get used to standing again.

My back is already killing me… but I’ll not give up!

This was my computer station before, back when I showed you how messy my office was. That is the chair and laptop set up that gave me rubber legs.

And here is my new standing computer station!

This took me literally 30 minutes to figure out and set up.  The most awesome thing is that the shelf unit that I have my laptop on is something my father built way back when we got out first microwave. The microwave was on a shelf near the stove and this shelf unit was under it. My mother kept her pots and pans on it.

When I went into the garage 2 weeks ago to pull out Skylar’s kiddie pool, I spotted the shelf in the back of the garage. I thought maybe I’d use it for my stockpile, but then when I had Skylar, I ran out and grabbed it, washed the years of dirt off it, and used it for her little store!

Now I just flipped it upside down so my laptop would fit and it’s perfect! As for my keyboard, I used my stacking shelves, two which were previously used to hold my laptop, and two used for bills.  But, they have a new purpose now!

Then I needed a table for my keyboard and it had to be wide enough to use my mouse.  I will never, ever like typing on a laptop and to me, touch pads have no place in this world!

I found an old shelf that used to belong in our old entertainment center and it was perfect!  It’s sturdy and just wide enough, and it’s even brown so it kind of looks like it belongs, don’t you think? Okay, not really. But it works.

And while I’m showing off my brilliant ideas, see that old TV tray under my table? I love it!  It’s like a shelf that holds my paper and other stuff.  If you use just a table like I do for a desk, TV trays are the perfect thing to act like a shelf, and you can pull them out to use as a table when needed… like the matching one I have under my other desk!

Those TV trays are sooooo old! I grew up with them and we actually ate what we used to call TV dinners on them (my mother still says TV dinners, but she at least stopped calling soda “tonic”).

And speaking of my other desk, are you proud of me that it’s still clean?  Remember just over a month ago when it looked like the pic below?  I’ve kept it clean like you see above ever since!

And now the truth…

Since I started this post, I’ve had to lay down twice.  If you think my legs bothered me before, I’m feeling a whole new pain.  My legs have gone from feeling like rubber to feeling like someone is stabbing me in every joint with a sharp knife.  And both my feet decided to fall asleep while I’m standing (is that even possible?). I guess they are not used to blood reaching them and don’t know what it is!

Then there’s my back.  It’s not used to being straight. I’ve been hunched over a sewing machine or computer for years.  I didn’t know a back could burn like this. It’s a burn I can’t even describe. My entire back hurts, along my shoulders and neck. Fun, fun!

I will not give up!

For sure I will have to start wearing supportive shoes or at least stand on a rubber mat. I’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis for over a year now (look it up, it ain’t fun!) and I can see standing on a hard floor with bare feet is just not going to cut it. Update: I had two half circle rubber mats and stacked them to stand on… perfect! Nice and spongy under my heels!

I wonder how long this new computer station will last?  I have to give it time. I must.  Maybe standing like this will get me to move around more and not spend soooooo much time at the computer.  And if something is slow loading, maybe I can dance around or something while waiting.

I’ll be anxious to report later and let you know how I’m doing! As for now, I’m going to lay down again!


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