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It’s Friday.

The best thing about Friday is that it’s the end of the week. That means Monday is just around the corner! I love a fresh new work week! Come on, Monday, get here already!

Today I must hit Hannaford. If you read yesterday’s chat, you know that my mother is in serious need of bread.  Her most favorite bread is at Hannaford. I need to pick up 3 loaves. That usually lasts her a little over a week. She. Fucking. Loves. Bread.

Another thing I’d like to do is record the sound of my air conditioner for ASMR. I’ve gotten feedback that many love that sounds. Will try to record that today. My $5 patrons will get an early release of that, hopefully tonight.

Speaking of ASMR, I recorded another sound check video last night. Trying to work out the details to using my green room as a studio.  I’ve learned that I can’t record with the AC on and take it out of the audio after the fact. It just messes up the audio. So now I have to suffer the heat while recording. Winter will solve that problem. lol  I do absoluetly love that I have a dedicated space for recording ASMR. And I’ll figure out something for the hot summer months next year.

I have to leave shortly so I better cut this short.  Expect a Car Vlog video later!

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