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Thursday Chat – ASMR, Upcycled Fashions, Finishing Quilt Today (I hope)!

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Happy Thursday!

At some point today or tomorrow, I will be forced to go out for my mother’s meds.  Just don’t want to go out!  Since we had some nice weather for a few weeks, the new cold spell that we are having is just not working for me.  Better than too hot, but it’s just too cold.  I might have to wear my sweatshirt. lol  When I do go out, I’ll take you with me.

Yesterday, I worked on my mother’s quilt and I hope to finish that today. I have been editing as I go, so if I do finish today, you might have that video tonight.

I also created another Upcycled Fashion yesterday!  This one was a simple transformation.  I turned a t-shirt into a skirt but with a lettuce hem. The hem did not turn out as curly as I wanted, but it was my first time. Next time I’ll find a stretchier fabric to work with.

And last but not least, I ended my day with an ASMR video.  And I will be moving forward with these videos full force.  I know it only appeals to a certain kind of audience.  I know I could upload those videos to my old ASMR channel. But I want them on my main channel. My main channel is all about the things I love.  I love ASMR.  I rely on it every night to sleep. Anyone not into it can just skip those videos. There will still be plenty of other videos to watch.

Another note about ASMR… not only do I rely on those videos to sleep (but my own videos don’t work for me, I have to listen to other artists), I also find the process of recording the videos very relaxing. It’s the perfect way for me to wind down at the end of the day.  And creating the sounds are as satisfying to me as creating beads or clothing or whatever.   I just love any creative process!

Thought for the Day: I respect your right to have your own opinion. Please respect my right to ignore it, delete it, or fight back with my cave girl club.

Have a great Thursday!



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