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Thursday Chat – Bead Auctions Ending, Tag Along Yesterday, Snippets Vid and Fabric Listings Today, BFTP (those awful chicken wings)

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Happy Thursday!

I was up before noon today!  And showered and dressed by 1:30pm. Not bad. Not bad at all. lol

Before I tell you about today’s plans, let’s revisit yesterday.  I went to Walmart for a long list of items for my mother.  I got everything on the list!  And I recorded a Tag Along with Me video, complete with horn blowing!  That was the only video I uploaded yesterday.

As for today, I think I’m staying in the house. I want very much to list some fabric on eBay along with a few other things that I have from previous projects.  That task is on the top of my list.

And speaking of ebay, I just remembered that my bead auctions are ending at 4pm today!  If you have your eyes on anything, don’t forget to bid!

Other than that, it’s really hard to know what I’ll do today.  I’m just plain stressed over my upcoming change in schedule. Just knowing my schedule is about to fall apart for almost 6 weeks makes it hard for me to concentrate on it this week.  Strange creature, I am.

Oh, I do have a Snippets of My Daily Life video to upload later. Quite sure I’ll get that done.  Nothing exciting, but then it’s about my life, so you can’t expect exciting! LOL

And why does my upper back hurt?  What on earth did I do to cause that?  Maybe carrying in the groceries?  Who knows!  I certainly did not hurt myself due to excessive cleaning. Bwhahaha!

Have a great Thursday!  Darlene xoxo

Uploaded March 20, 2016
(The honey baked chicken wings disaster)


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