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Happy Thursday!

This post is very late.  I didn’t even realize I forgot to post until now.  Let’s put it this way… I’m exhausted!  But more mentally than physically.  It’s painful for me to go off my schedule.  My schedule is my lifeline.  That will get easier in a few days.  It’s like I’m going through withdrawals right now.

We had a very busy day so far.  Got up.  Did some paint crafts.  My mother had 2 appointments today with in-home care.  Then we took my mother out for a ride!  Yes, we did.  She felt like going out.  She did not get out of the car (and I did not bring the camera so as not to worry her… she hates cameras) but she waited while Skylar and I ran a few errands.  And we stopped at the library for some DVDs.  At first Skylar picked out some kid movies but then changed her mind and got 3 Dora the Explorer, 1 Curious George and settled for one more grown up kid movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (we love those!).  And then she announced to the librarian that she felt funny because she was getting baby shows.  LOL  The librarian was so nice and said those DVDs are for all ages!  And of course, I said I love them too.  Funny how Skylar is now at an age where she knows she’s growing up but still loves the younger stuff and is embarrassed to say so.  My goodness, the stress begins early!

When we got back, Skylar and I played cards for a bit and I also did some laundry.  Now I just fed my mother and Skylar dinner and Skylar is napping.  I’m glad.  It means she will be up late tonight so she will sleep later tomorrow.  I kind of need her on my sleep schedule.

When she does wake up, I might start her on sewing.  I need to get our table top machine up and running for her.   I could do that while she’s sleeping then she will be surprised when she wakes.  So fun!

Yesterday, I was able to upload a Snippets of My Time with Skylar video and a Tag Along with Us to Market Basket and we took you in the store.

I have a quick concoction video to edit and upload on Skylar’s channel.  I hope to do that soon so you can watch for that later.

That’s about it for now!  Gotta go do stuff!

Have a great Thursday!  Darlene xoxo


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