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Thursday Chat – Grocery Bag Rope Weaving, Youtube Playlist Tips, Mother’s Appointment Today

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Happy Thursday!

Today I must bring my mother to her 1 month follow up for her skin cancer surgery.  Her face is looking good, still some healing to do.  I hate appointments so much, but tonight is the Amazing Race, so I will just look forward to that instead. I love that show!

Yesterday, I recorded yet another rope weaving video.  I used plastic grocery bags and it came out great! The plastic bag loops are my favorite to work with so far.  Check it out!

I also uploaded a very helpful youtube tip for content creators about the importance of using playlists for your videos.  If you make youtube videos, you must watch!  And you can also join my Mixed Nuts facebook group for youtube networking.  Also send me your channel link so askdarlene@darlenemichaud.com so I can see that you do indeed have a channel.

Not much else to report.  I have not clue what I’ll be recording today since my schedule will be messed up.  I might just take a day to chill.  What am I saying?  That sounds like torture! lol  I’m sure I’ll record something. I’d much rather be working than chilling any day!

Have a great Thursday!



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