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I want to wish all my awesome followers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your day is spent however you want to spend it.

During holidays, I always like to also mention that there is no need to put pressure on yourself if your day is not all that happy.  Many of us are dealing with death, depression, anxiety, addictions, or just plain loneliness.  The sadness that accompanies all those things can be greatly elevated on days that we feel are supposed to be happy.

If you are in that boat, give yourself permission to treat this just like any other day. There is no need to feel worse by trying to force it to be a special day. If you’d rather sit alone and cry, you can do that.

I’m going through a very rough time right now, but one thing I’m very thankful for is my new way of eating.  I feel so much better both mentally and physically.  I am convinced that my depression is heightened by any amount of carbs, even if from the plant world.

Even as you watch me cry in this video, my crying was a healing kind of cry. My head was clear. I was not in a carb fog.  I could totally feel the difference.  There are times that I would not even be able to cry like that, and NOT crying is NOT normal.  I needed to cry. So happy to have my dear peanut gallery in my life to allow me to get it all out like that and still accept me just as I am.  I love each and every one of you. For reals.

Happy Thanksgiving, or not. It’s your choice! No pressure.



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