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Thursday Chat – My Mother’s Vitals, My Return to Low Carbs, Hopefully a Video Tonight

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Happy Thursday!

My mother left the house yesterday!  She had a doctor appointment.  I rode her up and down the new ramp in her wheel chair for the first time. She is very slow at moving. It’s like watching a sloth get in and out of the car. But we did it! And all her vitals were good.  Amazingly good!  I guess her secret is living off bread, pasta, sugar and salt. It’s working for her! lol

I was exhausted after our outing and was not up to recording.  I was in bed by 9:30pm and read stuff on my ipad until maybe 1:00am.  And I’m convinced I really have to go back to my low carb way of life. I fell into some bad carbs again and I don’t even know why.  And now it’s like I don’t think I can go back because my cravings are so strong. But those cravings went away before, and I’m sure they can go away again. It’s worth a shot! I have cravings. Hate them.  And I swear my depression was not as bad with low carbs. And I had no more headaches.  Gotta find my way back!

No clue what I’m doing today. Not even going to make guesses. But I will try very hard to have a video today since I took the night off yesterday. Stay tuned!

Have a great Thursday!



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