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Happy Thursday!



I must be quick because we are ready to leave the house.  Yes, it’s only 10:15am and I’m dressed and ready to go.  I’m a complete zombie with only a few hours of sleep under my belt. But I’m a dressed up zombie.

Yesterday we picked up Nora for another sleepover. Then the girls brought their stuffed bunnies, Vanilly and Pinky Jr. to the Springvale Public Library for a Stuffed Animal Sleepover.  That was so fun!  If you watch THIS VIDEO you will see what the stuffed animals were up to during the night.  Just love this!

The girls also recorded a Q&A but I have not even looked at that yet.  It was just them so I have no clue how that turned out.  Will try to edit later today.

I also got my fabric yesterday and I talked about my shopping experience in THIS VIDEO.  I hope so much I don’t have to wait in line like that any more.  I don’t mind waiting my turn, but with the woman ahead of me constantly adding to her cart, I didn’t think my turn would ever come.

I seriously have to run.  We are off to pick up the bunnies and we’re anxious to see if they got anything in their treat bags.  Then we will sit at No. 1 Pond because Nora’s dad (my nephew) and my sister will be there fishing with Jesse (Nora’s brother).  The girls will be riding their scooters.

Have a great Thursday!  Darlene xoxo


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