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Happy Thursday!

I was awake before noon today!  Amazing! lol  I ran right over here to chat with you. Didn’t even make my coffee yet. But I think I really must make one now.

I’m back. lol  Yesterday, I had fun doing another shoe dance! You can catch that in last night’s Tag Along with Me video. If you want to skip right to the shoe dance, it starts at the 10:35 mark.

I also uploaded to my Growing Up Crazy channel, but be warned that I get very personal about my childhood and it does not put my mother in a good light. However, it’s the life I lived and it feels good to talk about it. I think through this channel, I will finally be able to heal. And I hope sharing my experiences helps others. Judging by the comments I’m getting, I think it’s helpful.

Today, I will be uploading a Daily Update and probably a Nightcap, but I really must get some stuff done around the house to be ready for Skylar’s arrival!  So not sure if I’ll be able to record anything else. I might be able to sneak in a quickie vid. And maybe tonight I can go over another narcissistic trait for my other channel. I also want to talk about other stuff on that channel, like anxiety and eating disorders. So much to cover!


Have a great Thursday!



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