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It’s Thursday.

When I watched Big Brother last night, I realized that I missed watching it Sunday night. I have no clue how I let that happen. Just goes to show that I’m just not with it lately. And no, I don’t record stuff to watch later. I don’t like watching past episodes online. I want to watch when it actually airs on TV like in the olden days. Period.

I have eaten more bacon in the past few days than I probably have in almost 2 years of eating only meat. It’s about all I can stomach lately. But I’m hoping to have some wings for lunch if I can stand the smell. I have leftover ribs which came out great, but right now all pork, except bacon, is a complete turn off for me. I need to grind that up and make a sandwhich spread for my mother. I wish so much I never had to eat. Such a chore. Such a waste of precious time to cook and clean. Even the actual act of eating takes up too much time. In my perfect world, sleeping and eating would not exist.

I have so much going on. And even though much of it sucks, some of it is good. Derrick is now editing all my ASMR videos. This is such a big help to me that I really feel I will be able to keep up with my ASMR schedule without wearing myself out. I recorded my first head massage yesterday with a wig on Mr. Yeti. He already has it edited and is uploading it now. So totally excited! I did not watch any of the footage before sending him the video so I have no idea how it turned out. Very axious to see and hear it! Patrons at the $5 level will get early access at some point today. The video will be released to the public on Sounds and Whispers ASMR on Saturday. So if you are an ASMR fan, stay tuned!

I must do paperwork today. Just. Must. I keep putting it off. I need to apply for health care coverage and that means going back 3 months for all my earnings and stuff. I always kick myself for not keeping track monthly. I really need to do that as it would also be a huge help for tax time. But I usually just wait and do the entire year at once. And I hate that. lol  I looked at the paperwork a bunch of times yesterday and just kept walking away from it. Today I must start. I have to make a phone call too. So hard for me to do these things. So. Fucking. Hard.

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